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At the European Forensic Institute, our primary mission is to provide an innovative learning environment where learners connect directly with professionals working in all areas of investigative sciences. We are fortunate to work with professionals from a broad spectrum of expertise from Crime Scene Investigation to Digital Forensics and Natural Sciences in Chemistry and Biology to Data Sciences in Information Technology and Machine Learning. Their experiences stem from many professional service sectors including public sector policing, judiciary, academic and counselling to private sector investigators, natural scientists, data scientists, engineers, IT consultants, accountants and lawyers.

Our core staff consist of a talented team with distinguished professional experiences in their own respective fields. As a growing enterprise, we are also continuously building our team through new recruits and ensuring sufficient training and apprenticeship to our newer member of staff.

Our Team

Andreas Melinato

Head of Institution
Robert Milne

Dean of Applied Science
Massimo Blanco

Dean of Social Science
Alis F. Tarakdijian

Academic Manager
Michelle Yew

General Manager

Carla Rampulla
(Professor in Applied Sciences)

Alessia Santoro
(Teaching Assistant)

Frankline Lauria
(Lab and H&S Coordinator)

Academic Team


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