Professional Training Courses

Customised Training Course can be organised for small and large groups, in person or online and tailored to suit your needs. CPD accreditation can be arranged on request with relevant accreditation body. Our experience include training courses for private sector companies and public sector such as the British High Commission, FCDO. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Accredited Awards are full-time short courses offered within our academic programme and fully accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority in accordance with the European Qualification Framework.

Fundamentals of Crime Scene Investigation

This training will provide the foundation to the correct methodology when accessing a crime scene, the documentation and the evidence identification. Useful information about the evidence collection and the chain of custody will be provided.

Advanced Crime Scene Investigation

The advanced course in Crime scene investigation aims to deepen all the topics covered in the basic module including an in-depth analysis of the techniques of documentation of the crime scene with a focus on the evidence collection and trace analysis techniques. The aim is to prepare the professional capable to handle the activity from when entering the crime scene, to the analysis, providing the laboratory with the traces collected in a precise and proper manner. The expert will be able to write a complete report on the activity carried out.

Introduction to Digital Forensics

The training offers the foundation in Digital Forensics with a focus on to the procedural aspects useful to guarantee the proper collection of the information in accordance with the international best practice. The professional will be thought how to make forensic digital copies of memory devices and extract data from mobile devices. The expert will be able to write a complete report on the activity carried out

Advanced Digital Forensics

This course, following the contents of the introductory module in Digital Forensics, will be focused on the research techniques and data extraction from memory devices and mobile devices and the correct steps to perform digital copies. An in-depth study will focus onCell Site Analysis, Video Forensics and Audio Forensicsusing the main hardware and software.

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Web and Open-sourced Intelligence

This module offers a very well-structured overview on the techniques of Open-Source Intelligence applied to the research of information in the Web with an introduction to the Deep Web and Dark Web. The aim is to prepare the expert in intelligence capable to operate autonomously while researching information using high-level professional tools.

Introduction to Financial Crime and Fraud

Often referred to as white-collar crime, financial crime and fraud are nonviolent crimes committed for financial gain. This course aims to give participants a basic understanding of different types of financial crime and fraud. We will also go through real-life case studies and examples as well as learning about existing international controls and regulations.


This course aim to provide the information useful to support the technical investigation in the anti-counterfeiting field. In addition, a strong technical-legal knowledge will be provided tools.

Fundamentals of Fire Investigation

This course offers the knowledge useful to analyse and document a fire scene. In addition, the participant will be able to collect the evidences and to express valid hypotheses useful to the reconstruction of the fire dynamics.

Advanced Fire Investigation

This course offers a complete overview of the foundation useful in the fire investigation field. They will be explained the procedures of analysis and evaluation, the evidence interpretation, the evidence collection techniques and the searching of accelerants. The objective is to prepare the expert capable to operate on the fire scene, documenting the scene, using the proper techniques of evidence collection useful to identify the ignition point and the cause of the fire

Road Accident Investigation

The course aims to prepare the expert in road accidents reconstruction offering the notions in mathematics and mechanics useful to approach this subject. The course covers the main techniques of evaluation, analysis and reconstruction of the road accidents

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